1. The organizer of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon is Ruchowa Akademia Zdrowia
in Szczecin and RAZ-event. More information: maratonszczecinski.pl, raz.szczecin.pl and RAZ-event.pl
2. The titular partner is SANPROBI.
3. The honorary patronage: the Marshal of the West Pomieranian Voivodeship Mr Olgierd Geblewicz, The Mayor  of Szczecin Mr. Piotr Krzystek, West Pomeranian Council of Sport Managers, West Pomeranian Sport Federation.
4. The event's partner is the City of Szczecin and Western Pomerania.

1. Promotion of running as the simplest form of movement.
2. Promotion of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.
3. Promotion of Szczecin and Police as friendly cities for active people.
4. Allowing runners to compete.

1. The race will take place on 23rd of June 2019.
2. The 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon will start at 8.00. The starting line will be closed after around 15 minutes from the start signal.
3. The distance of the marathon: 42,195 km. The course route will be accurately measured by the certified technical delegate of the Polish Athletic Association(PZLA).
4. The route – will be announced later (in March) due to the investments and reconstruction of roads in the city of Szczecin - after agreement with the contractors and the approval of the Department of Traffic Organizations, Public Utilities and Environmental Protection Department of the City of Szczecin.
5. We anticipate the designation of the start zones suitable for a varied level of the starters and we plan to provide the leaders for a particular  result ("pacers").
6. In addition, on 22.06, the so-called minimarathon - family run - "FUN RUN" happening on a distance of 4.2 km, and the run of preschoolers "KIDS FUN RUN" at a distance of 195 m will take place.

1. Time limit of the race is 6 hours for competitors.
2. The participants whose time exceeds 3 hours following the starter`s  shot at the halfway (21,097 km) are obliged to stop the race and leave the course. All participants, who will fail to complete the race until 14.00 are obliged to stop the race and to leave the route. They can arrive at the finishing line in the vehicle marker `END OF RACE`.
3. The participant who will remain on the route after the specified time limit do this on his/her own responsibility and may be punished for breaking the traffic regulations and the Civil Code.
4. All participants of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon are obliged to follow the orders of persons responsible for security, security services and services designated by the Organizer.

1. Refresh stations with water will be located at: 5 km, 10 km, 15 km, and then every 2.5 km. Additionally, at the following kilometers 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, besides water, there will be bananas and isotonic drinks.
2. There will be no points with competitors’ own supplements on the route of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon.
3. Control points (of additional) time measurement will be (apart from the start and finish) along the course at kilometer 10, 21,097, 30.

1. Only individuals who will turn 18 no later  than on 23th of June 2019, are allowed to participate in the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon
2. Each participant of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon must undergo identity check at the Race Office. The Race Office will be located in NettoArena, Szczecin ul. Szafera 3/5/7:
- 22.06 – Saturday, 10.00 am.- 8.00 pm.
- 23.06 – Sunday, 6.00 am.-7.00 am. (the day of MARATHON)
3. Each participant will get kitbag containing among others, starting number, safety pins and technical t-shirt (after indicating the right size), sponge, a set of final instructions, coupon for  the paste party (additional payment) meal after the marathon at the Race Office. Note – people who will pay the entry fee after 07.06.2019 are not guaranteed to get a T-shirt.
4. Basis for receiving of the kitbag together with the race number will be the identity document and a statement signed  by the participant about his/her health condition. The Organizer reserves the right to verify the personal data of persons receiving the race number by comparing these data with their ID document.
5. The kitbag must be taken only by the person attending the marathon.
6. Transferring of the kitbag to another person is possible only at the Race Office on Saturday (22.06.2019) on the basis of authorization. The cost of transferring of the kitbag is 20 PLN.
7. Participants of the marathon are subject to the Polish Athletic Association Regulations and these Regulations.
8. All participants of the marathon receive: race number, care attendance along the route, the possibility of usage of drinks stations along the route and a commemorative medal at the finishing line. In addition, the Organizer provides medical services, transport to the starting line of the marathon, the opportunity to use the changing room and a clothing deposit for the duration of the run and a shower after the run.
9. Deposit area: the participants will get at the start area of the marathon, in the special deposit point a special deposit bag with a number, which will allow them to leave their personal belongings in a special deposit area. The bag can be picked up only on the basis of the race number. In the case of lost of the race number by the participant of the marathon the Organizer is not liable for taking the bag by any other person. Note: it is forbidden to leave valuable things and documents in the deposit area. The Organizer is not liable for all items left in the deposit area.
10. Every participant who wants to book a free sleeping place before the race must send the request  concerning the overnight accommodation  to the address Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. until 31 May 2019. The Organizer ensures sleeping places in the sport hall. The Organizer does not provide neither mattresses nor sleeping bags. Notes about granted sleeping place will be received at the Race Office.
It is forbidden to bring and consume alcoholic beverages and other stimulants in the sports hall as well as to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages and other stimulants. The participants who will break this rule will be automatically removed from the sports hall.

1. The entries are accepted via the application form at www.maratonszczecinski.pl
2. The online applications will be closed on 7 May 2019. After  this date the registration is only possible at the Race Office of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon on 22 June 2019 provided that only 30 numbers are available at the Race Office. On 23 June 2019 it is not possible to enter for  the Marathon. People, who paid the entry fee after 7 May and did not receive the confirmation of getting  their race number must present  the confirmation of the bank transfer at the Race Office.
3. Limit of participants of the Marathon – 500.

1. Each participant of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon must pay the entry fee (registration fee).
- until 28.02.2018 – 80 PLN
- until 31.05.2018 – 100 PLN
- until 7.06.2018 – 150 PLN
- on 22.06 – 200PLN (at the Race Office, 30 available numbers, no guarantee to get the T-shirt in proper size),
- for the option PASTA PARTY, additionally– 15 PLN.
- possibility to buy a race kit with a souvenir MUG and a TOWEL (white 50 cm x 90 cm with embroidery). Cost: entry fee + PLN 20 (mug) + PLN 25 (towel),
- NOTEA! People born in 1952 or earlier can pay their  entry fee  in the amount of  PLN 25. The discount is available only to persons who will send an application and pay an entry fee by 07.05.2019. After this date, all applicants must pay the entry fee specified in point 1, sec. VIII.
2.Medical assistance- people with proper qualifications who declare that they can provide emergency help for  participants on the route of the marathon will receive a 50% discount on the entry fee (provided that their appropriate qualifications are clearly documented when they receive their race numbers). These people will bear an additional number placed on their back with the notice MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.
3. If the entry fee is insufficient (e.g. as a result of exceeding the payment deadline listed in these Regulations), the remaining difference to the amount that should be transferred according to the date of the first transfer must be paid by the participant.
4. Entry fee may be transferred online ONLY at the registration (entry) for the marathon at www.protiming24.pl, selecting the option "ZAPŁAĆ".
5. The Organizer grants a discount for people born in 1954 or earlier. The entry fee in this case is PLN 25.
6. The proof of payment is the appearance of the race number next to the person's name on the starting list at the website www.maratonszczecinski.pl
7. The Organizer is not responsible for the loss of a bank transfer due to the fault of the bank.
8. After the payment of the entry fee, it is not possible to reimburse it, except for the situations described in these Regulations and the generally applicable provisions of law.
9. Due to technical reasons, it is not possible to transfer the entry fee to another Participant. However the participant may make a payment of the entry fee on behalf of other Participants of the Marathon.
10. The entry fee is a fee for participation in the Marathon and  not a fee for the kitbag. The entry fee is intended to cover part of the Marathon's organizational costs.
11. Participants who want to receive an invoice for the paid entry fee should inform the Organizer about it  at the address Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. providing the required data for issuing the document.
12. If the Organizer is responsible for cancellation of the Marathon, it is obliged to reimburse the entry fee to the Participants.

1. The following classifications will be held during 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon:
1. General for men and general for women – place I–VI,
2. General for men and general for women:
- W–20 M–20
- W–30 M–30
- W–40 M–40
- W–50 M–50
- W–60 M–60
- W–65 M–65
- W–70 M–70
- W–75 M–75
4. The Best Szczecin female and male runners, and the Best Police female and male runners.
5. Team classifications – described in section XI.
2. Electronic time measurement is the basis of classification. Special measuring mats, which will indicate the presence of the runner in the place, will be placed along the route. If participant is not present  at a given time measuring mat, he/she may be disqualified.
3. According to the Polish Athletic Association regulations, the classification of runners in the general classification is based on the gross time, counted from the starting piston signal). The remaining classifications are based on net times - counted from the time when the runner crosses the starting line).
4. The  final results will present  both gross and net times of each participant.
5. Written complaints about the results can be sent to the e-mail address Ten adres pocztowy jest chroniony przed spamowaniem. Aby go zobaczyć, konieczne jest włączenie w przeglądarce obsługi JavaScript. to 25 June 2019 until 6.00pm. The complaints will be considered within 24 hours, and final and official results will be announced on 26 June 2019 at the latest.

1. 1.    Every finisher of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon will receive a finisher`s keepsake medal.
2. The finishers of places I–VI in general categories for men and for women as well as the finishers of I place in each age category will receive keepsake cup.
3.The Organizer reserves the right to fund additional non-cash/cash prizes in selected categories and classifications – this will be specified in separate regulations which will be made public.
4. The Best Szczecin female and male runner, the Best Police female and male  runner will receive cups.

1. The participation in the TEAM classification may refer to:
- sports clubs (having legal personality - they can only be represented by their members), group of runners in the form of legal entity (they can only be represented by their members), group of runners not in the form of legal entity, but keeping a regular activity in the field of running (e.g. joint trainings, arrangement of running events, etc.) and previously appearing under a common name at other running events - they can only be represented by people who have regularly wear shirts in their colors;
- representations of companies and institutions - they can only be represented by people who are their employees.
2. The team must consist of minimum 3 runners. There is no upper limit of the team members.
3. Runners who are members of each team are also obliged to follow the regulations of the 5th SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon. NOTE! One runner can represent only one team.
4. The captain is the person who is responsible for the team. He/she is the only person who:
- decides about the composition of the team,
- acts on behalf of the team,
- contact the organizer of the race.
5. The final result of the team is the sum of the three best net times achieved by its members. The winning team is the one which sum of the three above mentioned times is the lowest. If less than 3 runners representing the team finish the race, the team will not be classified.
6. In case of the same results reached by more than one team, the final place will be set on the basis of the number of the team members (more runners -the higher place), and next on the basis of the best times in the team.
7. The best three teams will receive cups.

1. During the race, all runners must have race numbers attached to the front of the T- shirts. Covering the race number in part or in whole or its modification is prohibited under the penalty of disqualification.
2. It is forbidden to stay on course route of the 5. SANPROBI Szczecin Marathon without a valid race number. Persons without a valid race number will be removed from the route by stewards. In particular, it is forbidden to move along the route on bicycles, rollers, skateboards and other mechanical devices without a valid permit issued by the Organizer. It is also forbidden to use nordic walking poles and running with a dog.
3. The organizer provides PA insurance. Each participant is obliged to sign a statement that he/she is familiarized with the Regulations. By signing this statement, he/she thereby agrees to provide first medical help, perform other medical procedures and transport of the victim to a safe place by the medical and paramedical staff acting on behalf of the Organizer. The participant acknowledges that participation in this event is associated with physical effort and involves a natural risk of accident, injury and damage to health (including death), as well as damage and property losses. Moreover, participation in this event may involve other risk factors that are impossible to predict at this time. Signing of this statement concerning this Regulations means that the Participants have considered and assessed the scope and nature of the risks involved in participating in the marathon and they start voluntarily and only at their own risk.
4. Physicians' decisions if the runner can continue to run in the marathon are final and irrevocable.
5. The Organizer reserves the right to introduce additional classifications and prizes
6. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the race stop it without justification.
7. By registering for the competition, the participant accepts these regulations and consents to the free use of his image in the form of photographs or video recordings and grants the Organizer a free license for use in all fields of using, including: recording and distribution in any form and saving in the computer memory, using for promotion and organization of events by Ruchowa Akademia Zdrowia and making them available to Sponsors and partners of the 5th SANPROBI Szczeciński Marathon for their promotion in the context of participation in the event, putting and publishing in Ruchowej Akademii Zdrowia and Sponsor publications, in promotional materials printed by the Organizer, putting in the press, on websites and showing in television and radio broadcasts. The participant also consents for the processing of his/her personal data for the purposes related to the organization and promotion of the events of  Ruchowa Akademia Zdrowia and he/she acknowledges that he/she has the right to access his data and correct them. Personal data will be kept in a safe place and will not be sold to third parties or any organizations.
8. Any matters not included in the Regulations are settled by the Organizer. If any provision of the Regulations is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable in part or in whole, all other provisions (in whole or in part) remain valid.

Robert Szych, the director of the Marathon




















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